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It won’t surprise you if I confess that I’m no technologist. Human Resources (HR) is definitely my passion. But when my colleagues took to the stage at our World Conference in Boston in October to share their honest stories about moving our company over to the latest version of our own software – I just had to be there.

You can watch me presenting here, at around 17 minutes in.

At the beginning of 2019, IFS was running its operations on its own enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. But it was running on outdated, over-customized versions that varied from country-to-country.

All great leadership teams must have access to real-time data and insights in order to truly understand how their business is performing. Because our regional teams had had a high degree of autonomy on how to address the needs of their local markets, they had in many cases very elegant solutions not only for sales and marketing but support, case management, revenue recognition and other processes.

How do you run a global business when what you really have is eight regional ones? How do you ensure a consistent experience for a customer with a footprint in multiple countries?

After a 24-week implementation, we are live on a single global instance of IFS Applications 10. We had 12 different suppliers for payroll on-premise, four manual processes and six highly customized systems. And Darren and the rest of the senior leadership team can run the business as a single company, with one version of the truth, all in IFS Applications 10 running on the IFS Managed Cloud. It is tightly integrated with payroll, e-invoicing, Office365, and our internal Intranet Sharepoint intranet.

Jane Keith

Decision support and employee experience

Having spent a lot of my career with Hewlett-Packard, I had used several HR systems. I had also been involved in implementing a number as well. I had even been with another enterprise software company that has its own HR solution as part of an ERP package. And I found IFS Applications 10 to be exceptional.

In the world of HR, data is key. It is critical to drive decisions, look at your workforce and achieve operational excellence. For us, successful HR or human capital management (HCM) software was not a nice-to-have—it was imperative. And right away, IFS Applications 10 has been a game-changer for the HR function. I now have an HR dashboard. I can now see a full view of our workforce globally—I could never do that before.

The degree of unfettered access is remarkable, and I can easily see skill sets that may be lacking, diversity statistics and can drill down by country, or by job type. We have streamlined onboarding and can now give every new hire to the IFS family a consistent experience with their own dashboard in IFS Lobbies. We now have global processes that fit in one lobby. New hires right off have the tools and programs they can use to get to know IFS. And the manager of that employee can now track everything and help that employee onboard faster.

We have also transformed some processes, like scheduling time off. This is now done through self-service in IFS Aurena. Our managers and employers can now go into their Lobby and make choices for their life at IFS, not only managing expenses on mobile, but scheduling time away from work.

Now that we have a consistent enterprise application environment and data model globally, we are prepared for the future, including some of the artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives coming to IFS Applications. Stay tuned for updates on how we use AI to increase productivity and increase value we deliver in HCM.

See the whole presentation here.

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