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I’ve recently joined IFS as global alliances director with a special focus on Accenture. I’ve been asked to introduce myself and explain why I joined IFS.

Having spent the last three years in the travel and tourism tech sector, I was keen to get back to enterprise software, where I’ve spent most of my working life. When I learned about the opportunity at IFS, I was eager to join given the company’s reputation for extraordinary customer engagement, great work culture, and leading technology.

Another major reason for joining is the exciting phase IFS is in right now. With an impressive bench of talent across the extended leadership team, IFS is poised to take that next step in its development. This is a step that will be powered, to a large extent, by a dynamic and efficiently operating alliances team. And that’s where I come in.

Leveraging the scale and reach of the global systems integrators (SIs) is a prerequisite for any applications vendor with an ambition to grow globally. Among the large SI firms, Accenture stands out as an ideal partner in terms of scale, expertise, and innovation in the tier of the global market where IFS plans to further expand its footprint. Testament to Accenture’s far-reaching vision for innovation-driven customer success is the IIoT Innovation Center in Garching, Germany, where customers can see IFS solutions at work and explore ideas that will realize new business outcomes.

Drawing on the tremendous competence across the IFS team, I am very excited to start developing a framework that will make the complex engagement between IFS and Accenture as simple as possible. By mapping the synergies and similarities between our multifaceted organizations, we will be able to work operationally alongside Accenture to help each other navigate opportunities and bring even more value to the customer.

Building on a solid foundation that encompasses a number of joint customer wins and implementation projects, as well as the IFS competence cultivated at Accenture’s IFS Center of Excellence, I see enormous potential for mutual growth and customer advocacy for both parties.

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