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IFS Radio Network podcast: the impact of digital technology and how some of the industry’s leading companies are leveraging it today.

Construction is a traditional industry. Many businesses, despite the abundance of new technology and integrated software that’s available today, are still suffering from a lack of accurate and timely information because of their reliance on MS Excel spreadsheets and non-integrated business applications.

Is change necessary?

Yes. For companies to grow, they must make changes. That means breaking down silos, embracing technology and adopting a modern, integrated approach to managing their operations. In doing so, they will be able to increase their efficiency, profitability, operational visibility and so much more.

Companies who choose not to change, however, will hinder their growth, see a decline in profits and ultimately put the future at stake.

Industry expert advice for embracing digital change

In a new IFS Radio Network podcast, Mark Dzielinski of IFS’s Global Strategic and Marketing Communications team interviews IFS’s construction industry expert and Global Industry Director, Kenny Ingram, on the impact of technology and how some of the industry’s leading businesses are leveraging it today.

Questions answered in the podcast include:

  • How does the use of MS Excel and non-integrated business software interfere with a company’s ability to be efficient and profitable?
  • Why should big data and analytics be of higher priority?
  • For companies who have begun leveraging new digital technology, what has their experience been like and what impact has it made on their business?
  • What solutions should construction companies be using to increase their operational efficiency?
  • Why is it important to seek third-party, expert advice?

Trouble listening? Download the podcast here.

Industry Experts Podcast

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3 Responses to “Is it time for the construction industry to change its ways?”

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    Nice Read!

    Yes, change is necessary to build and finish projects on time and budget. In a budget driven, it is absolutely imperative for construction companies and all the stakeholders to work on the same platform, even clients need to participate in the whole process.


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    Sarah Smith

    I thought it was interesting that even construction companies need to have a digital presence in order to attract customers and have efficient payroll and data analyses. It’s easy to see why a construction company would benefit from being online. Maybe it would also be good for these companies to list positive customer reviews on their sites.

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    Yes. According to me, it’s a right time for construction industries to change its way. Digital construction is very helpful in completing all projects on time and within budget.
    Very Nice Article.


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