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IFS Radio Network podcast: how service companies can use technology to improve and enhance their customer experience.

32% of field service organizations (FSOs) are failing to attain at least 80% customer satisfaction, according to a recent research study by Raconteur Custom Publishing on digital change in the service industry. Why? Because the use of technology, or lack thereof, affects your customer’s experience.

Technology impacts and benefits customers in every aspect of their lives. As customers embrace technology, their expectations rise, and with technology impacting customers at an exponential rate, their demands for service are rising exponentially too.

Industry expert advice for enhancing your customer’s experience

In a new IFS Radio Network podcast, IFS’s Global Analyst & Influencer Relations Manager, Lyndsey Rojas, interviews IFS’s service industry expert, Mark Brewer, on how digital technology can be used to improve and enhance the customer experience.

Questions answered in the podcast include:

  • Why is the industry experiencing a significant rise in customer expectation?
  • Why is the service industry reported to be the least focused on digital transformation?
  • Which leading service company benefitted greatly from digital transformation and IoT?
  • What solutions should be used to enhance customer experience?
  • Why is it important to seek third-party, expert advice?

Trouble listening? Download the podcast here.

Industry Experts Podcast

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One Response to “How technology affects your customer’s experience”

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    Joe Tara

    Few ways to improve customer’s experience.
    1. The Physical World Will Be Used to Reach Customers
    2. Brands Will Use Online Platforms to Listen to Customers
    3.Current Platforms Will Further Improve Customer Engagement
    4.Instant Messaging Will Be A Game-Changer
    5.Communication Will Take An Omni-Device Approach
    6.Brands Will Use More Local Targeting.


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