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IFS EOI has been deployed numerous times by A&D organizations to solve challenges of a differing nature.

What is IFS EOI?

This webcast will look at why IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence™ (EOI) is on the forefront of our maturity model for business analytics. Learn why IFS EOI is more than the sum of its component parts which include: Enterprise Architecture, Work Flow Management, Master Data Management and much more. IFS EOI will take your data and create a meaningful, single picture of the truth.

The implementation process

Learn about common problems that most companies face and how IFS EOI can be used to address these. The Map, Monitor, Manage three step approach to coming to a business operating model will be explained in detail. We will discuss how functional and hierarchical barriers are overcome to create efficient processes and provide a management structure around topics such as financial objectives, customer and stakeholder satisfaction and risk and compliance.

IFS EOI in aerospace and defense

In our aerospace and defense clients’ businesses, IFS EOI has been deployed numerous times to solve challenges of a differing nature. IFS EOI has been used to optimize business operations on top of IFS Applications’ MRO capabilities. A control process has been put in place that implements the GE Gates process. It has also be used to solve very specific business challenges such as tail planning at a large airline. This and other examples will paint a picture of how IFS EOI is relevant in the A&D market.

Watch the webcast to hear the full story:

EOI Webcast for A&D

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