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A Business Review webinar with IDC, Microsoft and IFS was held on November 29, 2016. Learn about trends and how Microsoft and IFS create value propositions.

Analytics yesterday, today and tomorrow

The webinar, 5 Key trends in analytics, was co-presented by IDC, Microsoft and IFS to look at current trends in the market. The presenters explored things that can be done today to help organizations prepare themselves for the increased demands and capabilities of tomorrow. To take full advantage of the ever-increasing capabilities, covering areas such as machine learning and visualization, it is important to review and rationalize the current analytics landscape in an organization as well as the data stored.

The road ahead

Helene Schwenk of IDC kicks-off the webinar by painting a picture of what is happening in the market today as well as some key statistics. Roy Wagemans of IFS then goes on to discuss the pain points IFS frequently comes across in terms of data quality and what to do about these in preparation for the analytics capabilities of tomorrow. Topics covered include visualization, advanced scheduling, predictive and prescriptive analytics and the benefits the Azure Cloud brings to the table. Roope Astala of Microsoft then goes on to talk about what can be done to make analytics more efficient and effective.

Don’t miss out

The webinar concludes with some real-world examples of advanced analytics and a discussion on how analytics can be further matured.

Don’t miss out on the important trends, recommendations and developments covered in the webinar.

Watch the webcast:

Watch On Demand - 5 Key Trends in Analytics

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