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IFS Radio Network podcast: The topic of digital transformation may not have meant anything to the oil and gas industry three years ago, but today it’s a fact of life.

We hear the term “Digital Transformation” being talked about quite a bit by the press. It’s something that is affecting companies in every industry, regardless of geographic location or industry. But what exactly does it mean for companies in the oil and gas industry? Who is responsible for it? How will it impact the industry?

If these are questions you find yourself asking, then this podcast is a must-listen for you.

“If you had asked me three years ago, I would have said, ‘digital what?’ Now in 2016, I would say that digital transformation is already a fact of life.” —Knut Møystad, IFS Global Industry Director for Oil & Gas

PODCAST: Digital transformation in the oil and gas industry

IFS Radio Network host, Antony Bourne, sits down with the IFS Global Industry Director for Oil & Gas, Knut Møystad, to discuss digital transformation and what it means for the oil and gas industry.

In this podcast, you will learn the following about digital transformation:

  • What it is and what’s driving this transformation
  • The impact it will have on oil and gas companies
  • Benefits and challenges
  • What’s next for the industry

Trouble listening? Download the podcast here.

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