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IFS Radio Network podcast: Service providers are undergoing digitization and here’s what’s next for the industry.

Digital transformation as a whole is impacting every industry, every business, worldwide. Its impact on business includes new opportunities, new challenges and unbelievable benefits. For service providers, in particular, customers are benefiting as well. With each passing day, the service provider industry is providing better, faster and more automated service to their customers —and digital transformation has a lot to do it.

PODCAST: How digital transformation is benefitting service providers

IFS Radio Network host, Antony Bourne, sits down with IFS Industry Director of Enterprise Service Management, Tom Bowe, to discuss digital transformation and what it means for the service provider industry.

In this podcast, you will learn the following about digital transformation:

  • What it is and what’s driving this transformation
  • What the internet of things (IoT) has to do with it
  • What “things” will be connected in result
  • Benefits and challenges for service providers
  • What’s next for the industry

Trouble listening? Download the podcast here.

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