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What if Santa couldn’t produce all of the toys needed for the world’s Christmas stockings? With constantly changing customer demand, increased competition and an exploding global population, it’s a very real possibility.

Santa is no different than any CEO of a large enterprise, many of whom are turning to technology to help overcome business challenges. Technology like Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) – which Santa chose to adopt at the beginning of this year, and which has revolutionized the core production processes that make Christmas happen.

Santa is not alone in realizing clear business benefits through the adoption of Enterprise Operational Intelligence solutions. In fact, many other leading, highly efficient organizations across industries are also reaping the benefits. You can’t argue with the numbers:

  • Companies are using up to 90 percent fewer resources for reporting
  • They are benefitting from up to 90 percent more agility thanks to increased information about all business processes, allowing them to keep pace with business needs
  • The management of business processes is 20 percent more efficient, leading to the ability to make better decisions based on visible facts

In a nutshell, it’s about having a 360-degree view of operational business processes and performance value chains. Companies, and the C-level in particular, are able to increase the quality and speed of decision making, improve the flexibility and predictability of the business, and avoid ‘strategy leakage’ against the business plan.

Watch this exclusive behind-the-scenes video with Santa and his team that reveals some of the tricks of the trade and the tech behind a successful and truly merry Christmas:

Once implemented, EOI is easily maintained. KPIs, charts, cockpit pages and many other features are simple to adjust in order to keep pace with today’s fast changing business environment. Being able to see all business processes on one screen in real time, changes can be made as and when they are needed rather than having to wait for help from the IT department.

This means that the entire business always works in support of its current objectives. IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence provides proactive alerts, monitors business processes in real time, and triggers responses to opportunities and threats, making the C-suite’s lives a lot easier.

So when you’re making your 2016 New Year’s resolutions, take some time to consider what this technology could do for you and your business.

Just as Santa does every year.

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