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The Internet of Things is a phrase that’s getting much attention these days. In the enterprise context, it’s one that IFS is also giving attention to in IFS Labs, the part of IFS R&D that explores new areas of business application functionality, and serves as a testing ground for new development initiatives and proof of concept projects not yet ready for large scale deployment.

In this episode of the IFS Radio Network podcast, Martin Gunnarsson, Director of Product Strategies and IFS Labs, looks beyond today’s expectations of enterprise software in a keynote address at the IFS World Conference 2015 in Boston on May 7, 2015.

Martin explores wearable technologies and smart glasses where staring could be the new user interface. He gives us a taste of a new IFS feature in the works that lets you talk to your enterprise software – think Siri for ERP. And we hear how Norwegian public transport operator Sporveien are working with IFS to create a system that would make the metro trains in Oslo more efficient.

Listen Now:

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