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This is an IFS 2015 liveblog which means everything was written at-the-moment.

Stephen Boyle, Microsoft’s VP of Enterprise Partners, and Alastair Sorbie’s second Diamond Sponsor guest, focused on the Internet of Things in his presentation.

The IoT, Boyle illustrated on the the event’s massive screen, is an industry currently worth nearly $2 trillion — and that number is projected to quadruple in the next 4 years.

“The Internet of Things touches all industries,” he said, “it’s the next great opportunity” — allowing you to turn anything into a service.

A solution for tired tires

You may not have an internet-connected refrigerator yet, but you may well have a connected TV.

To explain just what the the IoT can mean for businesses, Boyle looked at the tire industry.

You know how you replace your car tires when they get worn down or punctured, well the IoT solution to this driving hazard is to automate tire maintenance and replacement — using sensors.

Sensors built into the tire or the vehicle alerts the owner when they need replacing, turning a reactive (sometimes emergency) process into an automated one.

This example is particularly pertinent for business which rely on truck transport in their supply chain, and its an approach that can be extended to almost every other industry.

What are the benefits? Increased efficiency, better use of resources and cost saving.

The Internet of Things “allows you to turn virtually anything into a service,” Boyle said.

And IFS and Microsoft want to help. The companies, which have partnered in their use of the Azure Cloud and IFS Applications 9, can help businesses change their models going forward.

How IFS and Microsoft can help you ride the wave of disruption

  1. Identify – aligning your IoT journey with business objectives
  2. Validate – prove impact with a proof of concept
  3. Implement – drive business results through deployment.

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