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This is an IFS 2015 liveblog which means everything was written at-the-moment. Excuse any mistakes, typos or faux pas — they’ll be ironed out by the end of the day

Here’s the day’s big unveiling: IFS Applications 9.

The system, which promises ‘true business agility’, is more capable and more user-friendly than ever before, according to  Thomas Sald from IFS R&D.

Conversations between IFS and its customers have informed the development of the latest iteration (with special mention to the crop of early adopters who have been running the system live for some months already).

The new IFS is designed to lower the cost of ownership, make upgrades easier and reduce the number of modifications.

That last one has been particularly successful in the testing stage, with 85% fewer customisations reported by the aforementioned early adopters.

But enough of the preamble, let’s see the thing.

Dan Matthews, the IFS Chief Technology Officer, heralded the way the latest edition looks. It’s simple, it’s multi-device, and it’s dead easy to make it work for your particular business.

Matthews said the architecture of Applications 9 has 40% less code than previous iterations.

He called the IFS Lobby – the system’s most eye-catching feature – “beautiful,” a view shared by the audience on the internets. Stan Przybylinksi said he loved the “clean UI”, and Roberta Bigliani said it is “really cool”.

To show that lobby is most than just a pretty face, Greg and Amy from IFS came on stage to demonstrate its benefits.

Basically, the IFS Lobby has all the information you’re interested in relative to a project. It has interactive maps, it has timelines, it has cost projections vs budget.

These elements, as Greg calls them, are key components of your project visualised as infographics. You decide which ones feature in the lobby and where using intuitive drag-and-drop mechanics. It’s the ‘tailor a lobby’ function, and there’s no need for developer skills. It really is easy.

Streams for business chat

And once you’re beyond the lobby, and let’s say you’ve spotted a problem, you can pass on instructions via IFS in something called a stream.

Amy, for instance, sent Greg a task in the lobby and by subscribing to a process in the supply chain will receive notifications when something like the order status changes.

That you receive these streams straight to you is designed to “reduce the number of places you have to look for information.”

Everything you need in one place

And IFS Applications 9 is available across all devices, from your tablet to your phone and even your smart watch.

It also sizes itself to your device; what the kids are calling ‘responsive design’.

Benefits of the new IFS

  • Stay current with less effort
  • Control and clear responsibilities
  • Cost efficiency in the cloud
  • Lobbies ‘out of the box’ with IFS Applications 9


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