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This is an IFS 2015 liveblog which means everything was written at-the-moment.

Spang, an American magnetics giant and long-time users of IFS, was one of the lucky early adopters of the new version of IFS Applications.

Richard Durham, the company Corporate Controller, came to Boston to detail his company’s experience of the new product.

Spang, which uses the system for everything from managing the manufacturing process, quality control and financials to tracing the supply chain and research and developments, says IFS Applications 9 helped it react quickly and correctly to when something went wrong.

Basically, it saved them time and money.

Durham got very specific, citing the benefits of Manufacturing Variance tracking and Balance Analysis on departmental level budgeting.

He was particularly pleased with how the internal ledgers features has helped the company’s more complicated Chinese operation — “it has saved the Chinese Controller a lot of time.”

There’s also – of course – the new IFS Lobby which Spang reported to have made a real difference in the delivering tasks and information to those who need them.

“And the functionality is nice. It allows you to decide exactly what you want to have included,” Durham added.

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