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This is an IFS 2015 liveblog which means everything was written at-the-moment.

After Spang’s presentation, two of the other early adopters offered their thoughts on IFS Applications 9.

Beijer Electronics

Joakim Stolt, the CIO of the Swedish company Beijer Electronics , said the new IFS system has benefited customer communication massively.

Keen to upgrade to stay abreast of latest developments, and to scrap its previous (problematic) customising in favour of making the most of the IFS best practices. “Now we use IFS straight out of the box,” he explained.

With this new ‘no modification’ strategy, Beijer Electronics has customer relationship management and improved its supply chain functionality.

The small things, Stolt said, “made a difference”. Stuff like the IFS streams reducing email clutter and label printing, which had otherwise proved tricky.

But still the standouts were the IFS Lobby, the landing page on which Beijer emphasised ‘opportunities’, ‘activities’ and ‘customers’, and the “much improved” supply chain management.


Just three years ago, Dutch subsea cable installer VBMS opted for IFS when developing a digital service management system.

“We came from Excel,” exclaimed Jako Putter.

The company, which lays cables for offshore wind turbines and oil operations, went to IFS Applications at the earliest opportunity to serve its need for a stable environment.

Putter said they wanted to eliminate the need for data repairs first and foremost.

How’s it gone so far? Pretty well. The installation process has been streamlined, and supply chain tracking improved.

He was particularly enthused about the streams, their modified Lobby — “the starting page for every employee” — and the enhanced financials offering (the parallel currency addition has proven handy).

And finally, his advice for integrating the system: ‘Get everyone involved.’

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