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This is an IFS 2015 liveblog which means everything was written at-the-moment.

Marie Hansson, Arunkumar Ranganaini, and Venu Chanda, a trio from Accenture, dropped in on IFS to take them on their application management journey, something on which it is collaborating with IFS.

The AM models developed by Accenture’s Scandinavia and India offices reduce costs by up to 50%, and increase productivity by around 30%.

How do they accomplish this? Using the lifecycle of IFS Applications, Accenture stabilises digital operations by bringing them aboard one holistic approach. By scrapping customisations, often flawed in their conception, and using the enterprise management structure to the fullest, time is saved, money is saved and efficiency is improved.

Having stabilised the system, and cut costs, Accenture then turns towards optimising operations via continuous innovation.

The solution factory model, as it’s called, provides a platform for further growth. It can be quickly ramped up, and using the talent available at elite firms like Accenture quality is all but assured.

Key focus areas for application management

  • Reliability
  • Industrialization
  • Quality
  • Industry
  • Intelligence
  • Innovation
  • Global Reach

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