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Two posts in the IFS blog last month address a question of business agility.

IFS Analyst Chuck Rathmann wondered whether IFS lives up to the agile enterprise hype. And Global Director for Process Industries Jakob Björklund asked how IFS can help you, the customer, be agile.

After all, IFS itself is agile and knows quite a bit about true business agility.

The answers are quite clear when you consider what a customer can achieve as a direct result of using IFS’s products and know-how that support the aspirations and measurable goals the customer has to develop his business and serve his customers.

Indeed, these are broadly the answers Chuck and Jakob lead into in their respective posts.

I can think of no better recent example of this than that of IFS customer CDF Corporation, its Cheer Pack North America manufacturing unit, and the powerful combination of IFS Applications and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet computers.

Agility can sometimes just be about something relatively small that isn’t a major project in itself to implement yet offers significant benefits when executed.

As Alex Ivkovic, IT Manager at CDF Corporation and Cheer Pack North America, describes in a new IFS case study, he was able to meet a key element of his business strategy – meeting employee needs for efficient interaction with ERP information wherever in the plant they happen to be, with access to the right information at the right time in real time – through deploying Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets running IFS Applications:

“By being able to answer questions from customer service or sales quicker, a warehouse coordinator can get answers to the customers quicker,” Ivkovic says. “Manufacturing is able to get access to the parts they need in a timely manner and keep manufacturing flowing. It has increased overall efficiency in the warehouse.”

And enabling supervisors to use IFS Applications from wherever they are in the plant saves them an hour or two a week each, Ivkovic says, with time savings in the warehouse of several hours per employee per week.

The bold text is my emphasis.

While IFS Applications is the star in an IFS case study, the key role of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets in this story cannot be underestimated: they are the primary means by which supervisors and other key employees are able to use IFS Applications to get things done wherever they happen to be, and save time.

As Ivkovic notes in the case study, there are about twenty Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets in use now at Cheer Pack North America, which have become their laptop replacement.

Ivkovic tells his story in this new IFS video.

And read the case study to read the complete story of how Alex Ivkovic uses IFS Applications to help him successfully address the challenges of growth and more, while maintaining production standards and continuing to satisfy Cheer Pack North America’s existing customer needs.

That’s what I call ‘business agility.’

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