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ERP for multiple sites, multi-site ERPMost enterprise resource planning (ERP) software products have the capability to handle businesses that operate from multiple sites, even when these sites are in different countries or on different continents.

But in this month’s interview edition of the IFS Radio Network, IFS process manufacturing and supply chain expert Jakob Björklund discusses the finer points of achieving effective multi-site ERP. There are a number of under-appreciated elements to achieving a good, single instance of ERP across the entirety of a distributed operation. One of them is the fact, according to Björklund, it is a lot of work to standardize master data in a multi-site environment.



Many companies that have grown either organically or by acquisition “have a very scattered ERP landscape running different ERP from different vendors,” Björklund said. “There is a business perspective on this. You end up in a situation where you have not harmonized your part numbers, and you call something different things in different parts of the organization. Same thing with customers and suppliers.”

This makes it difficult to manage the organization as a whole.

Stream the podcast. And find out about the foibles and stumbling blocks that Björklund says prevent many companies from achieving true multi-site ERP.

While you’re at it, stream this month’s breaking news edition of the podcast series as well, for a look at recent wins in aerospace and defense, construction contracting and a major add-on with a large process manufacturing customer.

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