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Enabling you to reduce maintenance time in the field is a significant expectation of an ERP system, one that’s frequently cited by customers when they talk about their experiences.

For IFS customer Energiselskapet Buskerud (EB Group), a municipal-owned energy company based in Drammen, Norway, it’s the primary reason why they chose IFS as their preferred enterprise software and services partner.

When your business is regarded as being vital to a country’s infrastructure – as Bent Gabrielsen, the Systems Coordinator at EB Group, says, “everyone in Norway needs electricity, every hour of every day” – you need absolute confidence in the robustness of your own infrastructure and how it’s supported in order to give your customers the 100 percent service reliability they expect.

In a new case study just published by IFS, Gabrielsen talks about his experiences with IFS that enable EB Group to not only reduce maintenance costs in the field but also improve business processes with IFS Applications’ Asset Management, Financials, Document Management, Project Management, and HR modules.

As a result, Gabrielsen says, management is able to make decisions more quickly and more easily. “We have seen an improvement in data quality and in business intelligence,” he states. “Our processes have improved, we spend less time and our employees are happier. We have seen big environmental benefits. And we have seen greatly improved customer service.”

Gabrielsen also highlights the benefits EB Group is realizing through effective use of IFS Mobility Touch Apps, a series of mobile apps available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms that let you make more effective use of your ERP solution.

EB Group has seen other measurable benefits from its use of IFS Touch Apps, says Gabrielsen. “For example, in complying with government regulation on resolving problems, this originally took 66 days. Now, we’re down to 27 days. This is a big cost saving for us, but more important is that we are making our customers safer.”

And that’s a big part of customer service and satisfaction.

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    True, people will forget the product or services they are using but the experience with that copany will last. Always make sure that all your social channels are providing excellent customer service experience.


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