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conflict minerals rule compliance with ERP software

In this in-depth audio podcast, IFS expert Bill Leedale, an author of the APICS body of knowledge, shares no-nonsense insights on how enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can be used to mitigate risk of conflict minerals violations.

This 10 minute podcast offers manufacturers real insights into the most challenging regulation they have faced in decades.

The conflict minerals rule, promulgated by the US Securities and Exchange commission in response to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, will force manufacturers to adopt new, rigorous practices in the areas of traceability and supply chain management. This is not just a concern in the United States, as supply chains are now truly global. And already, the European Union is working towards parallel legislation designed to keep minerals mined to fund rebel militias –allegedly with the use of forced labor and other civil rights abuses — out of the supply chain of major companies.

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Of course the tricky part for manufacturers is determining the origin of minerals that comprise products, subassemblies and parts that may make up a product or product line. If the mineral in question is deep in the supply chain, how can a manufacturer ensure they are not at risk of legal repercussions or loss of business from customers affected by the rule? How can they determine the geographic origin of those minerals?

In this informative podcast, IFS Senior Advisor Bill Leedale, an APICS-certified expert and author of the APICS body of knowledge, shares practical insights for how enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can be used to mitigate these risks. What role can ERP — with or without built-in corporate social responsibility (CSR) tools — play?

How can you deal with the conflict minerals rule — perhaps with enterprise software you are already using? Just slap on those earbuds and hit play!

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