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I’ve always believed that when a corporate video really tells a story, maximizing the symbiosis between audio and video, you gain a better feeling about the subject of the story that’s being told.

Today it’s much about the experience and whether you, the viewer of the video, are willing to share that experience.

IFS’s new corporate video, published on the IFS YouTube channel, fits the bill. Instead of telling you about IFS in the traditional way, it takes you on a journey that shows you what some of IFS’s customers have been doing in their businesses, all in the space of four minutes and thirty seconds.

You’ll see some great views of majestic landscapes and seascapes, lots of sunshine, men in suits and in hardhats and hi-viz jackets, arrays of solar panels, computer screens, machines making and moving things, liquid metal, barcode scanners, robots, destroyers and jets, and much more, all set to a terrific rock track especially created for this video, aptly called ‘Moving It On.’

It’s a great way to get a good sense of IFS and what its business solutions enable its customers to do in the types of situations portrayed in the story. It looks great on a smartphone, too. Indeed, taking in the story is a perfect way to use some slack time when you’re on that airport terminal bus, queuing for the subway or in line at the ATM.

What experience do you get from it?

(If you do want some detail about IFS, see the corporate info page that includes some neat infographics.)

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