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Heading back from a fantastic sales conference in Barcelona in my favorite think tank (an aircraft…) I thought I should share some personal reflections.

The purpose of the sales conference is for corporate management to share the latest news about company strategies, marketing and product launch activities. But, just as important, for people to meet and greet, and see the faces behind an e-mail address or a phone call.

For me, as one of those who formulate and communicate product strategies, I also get the opportunity (at a late hour in the bar supported by a beer) to discuss and elaborate these things so much more in detail with colleagues and management. And that is so important for everyone involved.

Another reflection is that I actually feel quite proud to be part of IFS when listening to the feedback from sales and presales on all the great new innovations coming from R&D that are soon ready to hit the market.

The theme of our conference was Growth, and our new CMO, Mark Boulton, talked about ‘Thinking Big’. IFS is profitable, has a very satisfied customer base and a fantastic product. But we have to make sure more companies get to know that. So, we are now mounting a turbo onto our marketing machine to make this transition faster. And I’m sure we’ll succeed.

My last reflection is that I was particularly touched by one thing at the very end of the conference.  The conference was video recorded, and at the very end, there was a fantastic movie with clips, backed by beautiful music, from our two days together.

I felt so proud because together we have beaten competitors such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Infor. Together we have come up with more and better innovations than the competition. Together we have over and over again proven our industry experience and helped our customers develop their business faster and more smartly. Together we have established a unique company culture that crosses borders and languages to ensure faster time to value for our customers’ investments.

Speaking of creativity and innovations, the most important word is together. To do things faster and smarter we have to help each other. Any communication disruptions will interfere and slow down the innovation process. I feel so strongly about the passion and energy that comes from each and every individual within IFS; we always try a little harder to help our customers to outperform their competitors. When they win, we win.

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