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Some of the problems in service are profound, some are trivial.

Some can be attacked in a fun way.

Several years ago, an IFS client that services hospital and lab equipment was looking for a way to grow revenues. Their U.S. Director of service came up with a clever idea that worked well and I’ll share it with you.

They had a good business book in both service contracts and in break/fix. As usual, margins were better on the contracts side. Other than waiting for sales to sell more new products, how could they expand their revenue opportunity in contracts?

The national director of service rolled out a program to the service engineers. “Find a device” he called it. Whenever an engineer went on site for a call, they were to ask and look for other devices that they could service, but that weren’t in their installed base (they could refer to their laptops to see the known installed base at the site). They would then report back models (in some cases serial IDs) and they received ‘credit points’ based on certain brands, models etc. The manager had pre-set values for different types of products, higher value for some, not so much for others.

At the end of each month, point totals were published, and after the program wound up (4 months as I remember), points could be exchanged for marketing stuff (caps, shirts, jackets) with the company logo.

It actually turned into a competition of sorts for some of the field folks, to see who could claim bragging rights.

As a result a wide pool of new service contract prospects were developed. Of course, they were all pre-qualified as each site was already an existing client. They just needed to market to them to add these other products to a service agreement.

It worked well for them. Maybe your company can use a similar program.

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